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Champion's Mojo

Aug 11, 2020

After facing a setback in his Olympic career, Canadian swimmer Scott Dickens had the choice to retreat or find new motivation to succeed. Listen in as he shares the unexpected source of inspiration for his Olympic comeback -- and more about his latest venture, FORM Smart Swim Goggles.

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Scott Dickens is a two-time Canadian Olympic swimmer, making the 2004 and 2012 teams.  He is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for FORM swim goggles. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

FORM Smart Swim Goggles

Heart rate

Swimming metrics



Mark Spitz

Atrial fibrillation

Muscular fatigue

Communication skills

Work ethic

Ability to be hungry and want more

Lifelong learning

Financial planning


Half marathon training




  1. Focusing on others around you can take away from your own growth and success. Don’t worry about your competitors. 
  2. Get back to the basics - do the things you are really passionate about and the core of what you believe. Skip the bells and whistles. 


  1. When we have a big setback or loss, get right back out there and find motivation in the people and experiences around you.
  2. Never give up. 

Quote of the Week 

"You are going to have failures, but it's how you learn from those mistakes and stand back up and keep going that's important." -- Scott Dickens

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