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Champion's Mojo

Apr 27, 2020

*This episode was recorded before the Covid 19 Pandemic changes

Even if you've never watched CBS's Survivor, you'll be motivated and inspired by this interview with (in our opinion) the second-best swimmer ever to appear on Survivor, besides Elizabeth Beisel. At 59 years old, Janet is doing ocean swims four days a week...

Apr 20, 2020

The legendary Rowdy Gaines knows a thing or two about postponing one's goals.  As an athlete in peak form leading up to the boycotted 1980 Olympic Games, he had to push through four more years to 1984, which was thought to be crazy back then. But he did it and won three Olympic titles. Hear Rowdy’s expert take on this...

Apr 14, 2020

Need a positive, uplifting message? Kelly and Maria discuss how to keep your edge during the time of the COVID-19: mentally, physically and emotionally. You'll get coaching on how to keep your edge with what's available to you, right now.

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Apr 7, 2020

Andrew Seliskar loves to race anyone, anywhere, any time. He embraces his competitive drive and says he likes to “swim for his friends and teammates.” Known for that competitiveness, hear how this trait has served him well in this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria.


Andrew Seliskar has...